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                  XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump

                  XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump

                  Product name:XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump


                  XBC Series Diesel Engine Fire Pump
                  Flow Range:5-1500m3/h
                  Head Range:10-300m
                  Power Range:1.1-250kw
                  Material:Cast Iron、Stainless Steel
                  Work Pressure:≤1.6MPa
                  Products Overview 
                  XBC type diesel engine fire pump is a new type of fire-fighting product that strictly according to the national standard GB6245 "fire pump performance requirements and testing methods" criteria, this series have wide head, flow range, can fully meet various occasions fire water supply in the warehouse, docks and airports, petroleum chemical industry, power plant, liquefied gas station, textile and other industrial and mining enterprises. 
                  Product has the characteristics of easy starting, strong overload ability, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, high automation degree, it is a kind of advanced, reliable fire-fighting equipment. 

                  Working Conditions 
                  1. Altitude: ≤2,500 meters 
                  2. Environmental temperature: - 25 ~ 55 ℃ 
                  3. Relative humidity: 9 ~ 95% 
                  4. Seismic intensity: 7 degrees 

                  Main Features 
                  1. Automatic starting: when receives fire/pipe pressure/power failure/or other start signal, it can automatic start and devote to full load operation in 15 seconds. 
                  2. Automatically charges: battery charging automatically from electric power or charging motor in diesel engine so as to ensure its smooth start-up, 
                  3. Automatic alarm: when diesel engine under low oil pressure, high temperature water and other problems, it would automatic alarm, and alarm and stop when over-speed. 
                  4. Automatic preheating: make the diesel engine in the spare state, ensure emergency work. 
                  5. Direct coupled type: below 360kw diesel pump unit adopt diesel engine and pump connected through elastic coupling directly technology, reduces the malfunction points, and shortens start-up time greatly, increase the reliability and emergency performance. 
                  6. Users can also required another alarm output (non standard delivery); 
                  7. With remote measure, remote communication, remote control (non standard delivery); 

                  Standard Scope of Supply 
                  1) automatic diesel pump unit: diesel engine, water pump, cooling fan, cooling water tank, steel structure base, (water heater), battery, connecting wires, exhaust muffler, expansion joints, automatic control panel (adopt imported British DEEP SEA 520 automatic controller). 
                  2) according to customer request provide pattern examination or entrust inspection inspection reports issued by national fire-fighting equipment quality supervision inspection center. 
                  3) according to customer request designed to pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery composite integration model. 
                  4) according to customer request designed to pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery, rainproof cabinet combined outdoor type. 

                  Optional Scope of Supply 
                  1) 300L - 1000L daily-use oil tank or fuel tank 
                  2) diesel pump unit and electric pump unit linkage control panel 
                  3) electric pump unit, constant pressure pump group, pressure tank, etc. 

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