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                  2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

                  2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

                  Product name:2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


                  2BEA Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
                  Flow Range:4.9-352m3/min
                  Head Range:-0.093mpa
                  Power Range:11-560KW
                  Material:Cast Iron、Stainless Steel
                  Work Pressure:

                  Product Overview 

                  2BEA series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors is a kind of high-efficiency and enger-saving product developed on the basis of years of production experience and scientific research, combined with international advanced technology, typically used for pumping gas without solid particles, insoluble in water, and non-corrosive, so as to form a vacuum or pressure in a sealed container. By changing the materials, it can be used for pumping corrosive gases or corrosive liquids. It is widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, coal, mineral processing, and other industries. 

                  1. Use imported bearings to ensure accurate location and stable operation of the impeller . 
                  2. Impeller material use cast iron or welded steel, and fully guarantee the impeller stability in a variety of adverse conditions, and greatly increased the pump life. 
                  3. Pump body uses steel, increase the service life of vacuum pump. 
                  4. As the most easily damaged parts, the shaft sleeve uses high-chromium stainless steel, life expectancy has increased by 5 times. 
                  5. Pulley (belt drive) is standard high-precision, reliable operation and long service life and convenient disassemble. 
                  6. Coupling (direct Transmission) uses standard high-strength flexible coupling, flexible component uses polyurethane material, which is stable and reliable operation, long service life. 
                  7. 'Unique top-mounted gas-water separator to save space and reduce the noise. 
                  8. All casting uses resin sand casting, which is good surface quality, pump cooling well. 
                  9. Mechanical seal (optional) is imported, fully guaranteed no leakage in the long-running process. 
                  10. Casing inner wall is similar to the type of oval, ensure the best exhaust results. 

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